Health center receives new recliners for cancer patients

The Jefferson County Health Center?s oncology department wants to comfort people going through an uncomfortable time in their life.

The department treats cancer patients with chemotherapy on Mondays and Wednesdays when a physician is there to administer it. Patients must sit in a recliner during the procedure, some for as long as six hours. Thanks to a nearly $16,000 grant from the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation, the department was able to purchase six new recliners for its cancer patients.

The recliners are equipped with a heating and massage function controlled by a button on the arm rest. They also have the ability to ?power recline,? which means reclining at various angles. The old recliners had only two options: sit up straight or lay back with your feet up.

?Some patients may want to have their feet up a little bit but not all the way, and now they can,? said Jeni Thompson, professional clinic manager.

Thompson said patients anxiously awaited the chairs? arrival earlier this month.

?I?ve heard nothing but good things about them,? she said. ?Our goal is to make patients feel comfortable, and this helps us meet that goal.?

Thompson said the health center would not have purchased all six recliners at once without the grant from the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation.

?We?re always mindful of providing patient-centered care,? Thompson said. ?These chairs and their features show that we care about patients and that we want them to feel cared for.?