Herb Johnson was war hero

To the editor:

I read with some heartache about the passing of Herb Johnson. Now, I had some problems on occasion with Herb?s umpiring skills on the Little League diamond and I know my sons probably terrorized him when he drove their school bus, but I was somewhat dismayed to see such a minor reference to his military service in his obituary.

My friends, Herb Johnson was a certified war hero and a very, very brave man. He was a gunner on a bomber in World War II and I just want to say, ?Herb, if you had the guts to fly straight and level for two minutes over heavily defended Nazi Germany time after time, then you are a better man than I.?

As we approach Veterans Day, look around. That old guy with the walker standing in the back, he was once a real tough guy.


? David Eastburn, Fairfield