Homeowners return to find stranger in house

A couple of Fairfield homeowners returned to their house early on the morning of Dec. 11 to find a stranger inside.

The Fairfield Police Department?s call log shows that a caller in the 1000 block of South Third Street reported an unknown male subject had walked in their back door and was asleep in their home. The caller stated the male refused to wake up and acknowledge her.

Police arrived and charged 32-year-old Jonathan Diaz of Fairfield with second-degree burglary and possession with intent to deliver marijuana. Police chief David Thomas said Diaz is accused of stealing the homeowners? electronics and jewelry, including a ring he is accused of wearing that the homeowner recognized as their own.

Thomas said a person does not need to break into a residence to be charged with burglary.

?Burglary means that you enter a house you don?t have the privilege to be in, with the intent to commit a theft, assault or other felony,? he said.

Thomas wants to remind residents to keep doors locked, even this time of year, because he said crime does not seem to drop off in the winter.

When he started on the police force, he noted crime dip during the winter months. In recent years, however, the department hasn?t seen much of a drop-off in burglaries just because it?s cold outside.