IHOP changes name to IHOB

Apparently succumbing to the theory that any publicity is good publicity, IHOP announced Monday it now is IHOB. The swap was first teased last week on Twitter:

?Dear Internet, we abbreciate your batience. Now let?s see who guessed right. B-hold!!!!! #IHOb?

The brand whose moniker evolved from the abbreviation for International House of Pancakes is turning the ?p? into a ?b,? trading pancakes for burgers ? not breakfast, as many had speculated over the past few days.

Social media users tweeted such comments as ?International House of Betrayal #ihop? and ?IHOP: Millennials were about to kill us, so we finished the job ourselves.?

The company?s news release vaguely declares the name change is in effect ?for the time being.?

It will continue to serve pancakes.

As recently as three years ago, IHOP was celebrating its highest sales numbers in a decade.

At the time, the brand was all about encouraging people to eat breakfast all day, with half of the breakfast food orders at IHOP happening at lunch or dinner.