Items stolen from Pearson House

KEOSAUQUA ? The Pearson House in Keosauqua was broken into last week.

Van Buren Sheriff?s Office believes it occurred sometime between Aug. 25-29. Several historical items and photos were taken.

Among the items taken was the portrait of B.F. Pearson in his union uniform, a coverlet used during the Civil War, a framed handwritten letter from Pearson to his son Phineas, and a mantel clock along with other items. Several pages in the visitor log book were removed. The theft remains under investigation.

The Pearson House is owned and managed by the Van Buren County Historical Society and was a stop on the Underground Railroad. It was built in the period of 1845 to 1847 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

Christie Daughtery, with the historical society, discovered the break-in and theft Aug. 29.