JCHC health fair returns Saturday

The Jefferson County Health Center will host its annual health fair from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

This event typically draws hundreds of people to the health center to not only to see but also to partake in various health-related activities. The event is free and includes 80 vendors and booths.

Among the booths and demonstrations offered Saturday are:

? Hand washing station. JCHC community relations manager Wanda Bagby explained that a powder is applied to a person?s hand, and then they?re asked to wash their hands as well as they can at a sink. Using a black light, the person is shown the remaining residue left by the powder. It gives people a sense of how thoroughly they?re washing their hands, and how many germs they?re leaving behind.

? Finger casting. JCHC staff will put participants? fingers into a cast as if they were broken to show what a cast feels like.

? Train rides. JCHC?s train will run outside throughout the health center?s campus.

? Bicycle helmet safety class ?Splat.? Class in the ambulatory care unit.

? Live breathing lung to show what smoking does to lungs. Staff will show how a lung inflates and deflates, and have a diseased lung on display.

? Duck pond. Fun activity for little children in which they pick a duck from a pool and win a prize.

? Jaws of Life demonstration. The Jaws of Life will be in the northwest corner of the campus. Fairfield Fire Department will cut up a few vehicles to demonstrate their use.

? Free blood pressure, blood sugar and balance testing in the physical therapy department.

? Back assessments, pilates and cataract tests in the professional clinic. Bagby said those who get their eyes tested will receive a gift.

? How to make healthy snacks, in the cafe. Different vendors will talk about the health effects of fruits and vegetables.

? Weight loss tips.

? Drunk goggles and drunk driving simulation. Participants will don the goggles and then try to walk in a straight line and play catch with a ball. Bagby said it?s a good way to teach young people about how drugs and alcohol impair their perception.

? Helicopter from Iowa City between 10-11 a.m.