Jerry Yellin

Jerry Yellin passed away on December 21 st , surrounded by his family. Jerry flew 19

missions over Japan in his P-51 from Iwo Jima during WW11. Coming home from

the war, he suffered from PTSD until he learned Transcendental Meditation in 1975.

Then he went on his 20 th mission; traveling and talking all over the country about

how TM can help Vets overcome the debilitating effects of war. He was as passionate

about that mission as he was when he flew in the war. He spoke at the Air Force

Academy, at the Reagan library and other prestigious venues around the country.

His message was always the same; we are not the color of our skin, the religion we

belong to or the political party we vote for. We are all human beings and we are all

connected. And we must try to avert war at all costs.

Jerry wrote four books; Of War and Weddings. The Blackened Canteen, The Letter

and The Resilient Warrior. This is quite remarkable, as he never attended college.

He had a full academic scholarship to Rider College, but then December 7 th happened

and on his 18 th birthday, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps. Wanting to be a fighter

pilot, he took the eye test and failed it and then Jerry being Jerry, sought out the

commanding officer and asked for an exemption. The officer told him that any one

with b***s to seek him out was fighter pilot material and the rest is history. He

landed on Iwo Jima in March of 1945 and all he saw was death around him. Author

Don Brown wrote a book about Jerry?s experience on Iwo Jima, called The Last

Fighter Pilot. Jerry flew the last mission in the war.

Jerry will be sorely missed by his family and all his dear friends from Fairfield. A

celebration of his life will be held on January 13 th at 2:00PM at Sondheim.


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