Kelly Scott for school board

To the editor:

History teacher Kelly Scott is a man who knows how to serve and how to get things done. He knows the classroom and the relationship between teachers and administrators. He also knows how a small school district functions within the constraints of state law and a limited budget.

Kelly learned a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to solving problems while in the military and later while serving as a parole officer. Always accepting responsibility for projects he undertakes, he sees what needs to be done and does it. Kelly was recruited into teaching in Arizona because he demonstrated ability in relating to disadvantaged and troubled youth. He is a popular teacher in Ottumwa, along with his wife. They chose to live in Fairfield and to send their kids to school here because they liked the community and the school district.

Kelly Scott is highly qualified and devoted to improving public education. He is willing to do the work required to promote quality education for all in Fairfield?s schools. We need him on the Board of our Fairfield Community School District.


? David Sands, Fairfield