Keota City council hears update on trailhead

KALONA ? The Keota Kewash Trailhead took another step toward completion with the addition of lighting for the picnic shelter.

Denny Lyle told the Keota City Council July 2 that the shelter is now complete and the electric wiring is finished.

The next steps in the process, he said, would be to get a permanent entrance sign and add paving and lighting to the first few hundred feet of the trail.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is being planned for late August or early September to recognize those who made the Kewash Trailhead possible.

In other business, the Day Care Committee met with a potential builder to go over the cost estimates for a Keota day care. The committee plans to research funding options for the project, including grants from the USDA.

The city council is continuing its preparations for RAGBRAI?s visit to the community on Friday, July 27.

A contract with Central Empire Wrestling, a professional wrestling company, for July 27 was approved. Council members have said that providing entertainment for the riders would likely result in increased sales for local merchants. The Keota RAGBRAI Committee updated the council on the vendors that have filled out applications.

Mayor Tony Cansler and council member Mike Bender plan to set up the barricades early on the morning of the visit. They asked the city clerk to talk with Fairfield Organics about obtaining blue barrels to barricade the streets and get additional caution tape. The Keota City Hall office will be closed the day of RAGBRAI, but the city clerk will be available to answer questions and assist where needed.

Myers Construction will put together a cost estimate to present to the Pool Committee for a new pool at the current location.

The city clerk, council member Conrad, and Public Works Director Kevin Slaubaugh met with Blaine and Justin from Myers Construction at the pool to go over the condition of the pool, get dimensions, and discuss the current equipment at pool.

Andy Conrad, representing Cloudburst9, asked permission for his company to install a new electrical outlet for a battery pack on the water tower. The council agreed to allow the Cloudburst9 attorney to amend the current rental agreement to add an electrical usage to the rental fee. The amended contract will be brought to the council for their approval.

Jacob Moeller was approved as a new library board member.

Officer Doug Conrad presented his Police Report. He had 19 service calls/complaints, two simple assault, one vandalism, three controlled substance, one mental, three assist and service, three attempt to locate, one lost and found, two miscellaneous complaints, two dog/cat/other animal, one livestock.