Landon Harward

Editor?s note: The Iowa Elks Association invites all sixth-graders to submit an essay on ?Our Flag - What it Means to Me.? The following essay was second locally.

The flag means a lot of different things to me and to other people. So I chose the colors of the flag to demonstrate its meaning for me. Choosing the colors was my choice because they stand out when you look at the flag. So I will describe each color and its symbolization.

When I see the red of the flag, I think of all the soldiers that have fallen and died for my freedom. The pain their families must have felt to lose them had to be unbearable. Our soldiers? courage and bravery has made our country what it is today. Without them, America would be a very different place.

White stands for the loyalty and brightness of our country and our people. It stands for purity and innocence. We do not have a lot of that left in today?s world. What we have should be treasured.

Water and our skies are blue. We are surrounded by both like an embrace. As Americans we need to take care of each other and our country. As a unit, we are so much stronger.

This wraps up the meaning of the flag for me. It is important to me and I hope that all Americans feel the same way.

I?m proud to be an American, the greatest country in the world.


- Landon J. Harward, age 12, son of Missy L. Harward. Landon attends Van Buren Community School District.