Ledger highlights Fairfield?s features

To the editor:

Thank you for your articles on Fairfield reinforcing the ?positives.? The recent photo and article on the Waugh family choosing our wonderful community prompted me to write this letter of commendation to The ledger. You cover politics, government, businesses, Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurs, our myriad volunteer programs and the new directors for volunteer activities, opportunities for involvement in social clubs, sports activities, cultural enrichment, 4H, PTA, sports, the food pantry, churches, events at the civic center and the Sondheim, the 1st Fridays Art Walk, library offerings, boards, both Western and alternative health services.

Our own family started with two coming to Fairfield in 1974. We now number 17 and are still growing. Our fair coverage of both natives and the meditators helped the local accept the positive aspects of their move to Parsons College. Through personal experience in my family, we have both meditators and non-meditators. Recently a grandson who is 25 just graduated from San Francisco State University and married a girl from San Diego in June. She had never lived in Iowa but her trip here last Christmas convinced her that this was where they wanted to settle, work and buy a house. He is now working for Cambridge and they both found jobs within a month because of our stable community. His sister moved back here permanently from Brooklyn just this month.

There is a spirit of Community and cooperation in Fairfield which The Ledger promotes. Friends and neighbors help one another. People are honest and to be trusted. Banks provide loans for start-up businesses. The city is well run. Your articles on the accomplishments of both the public school, MSAE and M.U.M. students attracts young families like the Waughs here.

I moved here thirteen years ago for family support and have subscribed to The Ledger since then. You have provided information for new residents to become familiar with Fairfield and surrounding areas. Thank you for helping build a diverse community that lives together in a positive, democratic way that sets an example for others.


? Betty Crawford, Fairfield