Loss of transit service hurts seniors

To the editor:

I am an elderly lady living at SunnyBrook Living Care Center in Fairfield, where 40 other senior citizens make our home. We have residence from 104 years of age to 38 years of age. I am 84 and consider myself real lucky for I am able to walk with my walker and have the use of a wheelchair. I do get mixed up, but most of the time my mind is real good. I am writing this in regard to the fact that our only way of going for rides in the country or community functions is using the transit bus from Ottumwa, now they inform us that we can no longer use their services! Why has funding been cut for these services for senior citizens? Everyone here is very upset over this! Why does President Obama get a $1.1 million bus to ride around in and we get NOTHING?


? Wilma Pratt, Fairfield