Love your students but try not to spoil them

To the editor:

Teachers who love teaching and love their students are wonderful to have on any faculty in any school district. But most teachers learn before too long that loving your students does not mean they should be indulged in any way. Giving students too much attention and catering to their every need only encourages them to want more, ask for more, and sometimes demand more.

Children must to be part of a group; to function as a member of a group; to learn and contribute as a member of a group. A child that constantly demands extra attention or parents who require it of their teachers are handicapping their child?s growth and development. But most importantly, it is not fair to the other students. They deserve their fair share of the teacher?s attention.

And they may not receive it in the situation I just described.

Children will benefit, too, when they see that a teacher must treat every child equally and divide their time and attention among all the members of the class. They become more mature, self-reliant, and resourceful.

Love and understanding must be our guides in all the ways we care for children. But we must not spoil them either.


? Jim Turner, Fairfield