Many reasons to oppose trash carts

To Mr. Mayor and city council persons,

I am writing you to strongly urge you to vote against the new large trash carts. I say this for many reasons:

1. They are way too large.

2. Because they are so large, and a majority of the population are senior citizens, many people will find them too big and cumbersome to get to the curb. (There are many seniors who are smaller than the carts.)

3. Most people do not generate enough refuse in one week to make dragging the cart to the curb worth the effort. So then garbage stays in the neighborhood for more weeks until it is full enough to drag it out. This potentially creates an animal/rodent problem.

4. The reason our present garbage containers are cracked is that the men on the garbage trucks throw them. (I can use a $10 plastic can, even cracked, for a long time and simply replace it with another $10 can.)

5. Having matching garbage receptacles on our city streets, will not make our city beautiful. If you haven?t taken the time to drive around our fair city, I might suggest you do so. There are many, many properties in poor repair, with trash in the yards, in need of roofs, paint and a little TLC.

6. Paying $1.50 a month for eternity is crazy. No plastic can is worth hundreds of dollars. (If they weren?t thrown, they might not need repair, and Waste Management would not have to hire a special person.)

7. Is not Waste Management contracted by the city with bids being taken for the service? Perhaps another waste contractor could get the city bid ? then what do we do with our golden cans?

Again, I urge you to rethink this policy and reject the suggestions of one business who is unwilling to be fully upfront with you about their motives.


? Carol M. Carlson, Fairfield