Mason Allen wins for Trojans in dramatic fashion

I didn?t necessarily expect to have a match of the night, but I also did not expect as exciting of a match to unfold in front of me as did Thursday night in the packed FHS gym.

Mason Allen had already recorded a pin during his first match of the evening at 132 pounds against Davis County?s Ben Oliver, but was now trailing 8-3 midway through his second contest, this one versus Gage Moorman of Centerville.

Moorman was in no way dominant over Allen, although he had accumulated enough points for it to appear as though he was midway through the six minute match. Moorman also appeared exhausted from his effort, while Allen seemed poised to attack with one minute remaining in the second period.

Head Coach Steve Miller shared his thoughts on the Allen/Moorman match at that point.

?I knew that he could come out on top, he has all the tools to be a great wrestler. He got behind early because he panicked in some situations that he shouldn?t have panicked in, but he kept his composure and kept battling.?

Fairfield?s coaches screamed instructions and encouragement, and everything they said appeared to click with Mason, who fought his way back to a 10-9 deficit with less than 30 seconds remaining in the third and final period.

With a standing crowd shouting for Allen to persevere, the 132-pound junior recorded a takedown and was awarded four points as time expired, giving him a 13-10 decision for the Trojans.

Coach Miller talked about his wrestlers ability to finish the match.

?It starts first with mental strength because our guy is tired, too. He?s wrestled the same amount of time as the other guy and it comes down to one guy being mentally stronger than the other and is able to push his body through that.?

Allen recorded a pin 3:07 into his final match of the night versus Collin Butler of Burlington to finish the night 3-0.