May Students of the Month honored at middle school

Each school month, the Fairfield Elks Lodge sponsors the Fairfield Middle School ?Students of the Month? award to acknowledge positive contributions of students at school ranging from assisting teachers and peers to displaying characteristics as a role model.

The ?Students of the Month? certificates are awarded after a nomination and voting process is completed by each grade level teaching team.

For May:

Fifth-grader Bryttany Tucker?s certificate states she ?always comes to class with a positive learning mind! She is always willing to participate and is helpful to her classmates. She works hard and is a leader to others.?

Fifth-grader Atley Merrill?s certificate states ?Atley always makes sure he gets everything done. He is a good listener and follows directions. He does a good job of working in groups. He is on task and helps his group accomplish their goal. Atley does a nice job of participating in class discussions.?

Fifth-grader Kenna Haynes?s certificate states ?she has pushed herself super hard this quarter. In fact, Kenna has met many academic goals such as increasing the FAST reading score, and meeting Iowa Assessment goals in Reading and Science. Moreover, she volunteers to help her peers when they are struggling in a subject that she feels comfortable teaching.?

Fifth-grader Kannon McClaran?s certificate states he ?has worked hard all year long and has made great improvements! Even when things have been tough, Kannon has worked his way through it. Kannon is honest and works well with others.?

Sixth-grader Emma Price-Burton?s certificate states she ?is a diligent worker who doesn?t give up when things are difficult. She always goes above and beyond in class and isn?t afraid to ask questions. She is kind to others and always makes sure others feel included. She is respectful to teachers and peers at all times. She is always prepared for class with her materials and a smile.?

Sixth-grader Ravi Bedi?s certificate states he ?has been working extremely well with others and has had a positive attitude toward learning and sharing during the month of May. He has constantly chosen to do the right things and is a great example of Trojan PRIDE through his actions and words. Ravi?s great work ethic throughout the month has made impacts on his learning as well as others in the classroom. His teachers really appreciate his sense of humor and excellent manners!?

Seventh-grader Aspen Heckethorn?s certificate states she ?is quiet, but consistently leads by example. She can be counted on to complete work, help other students, and to help teachers. Aspen has a great sense of humor and brings a positive attitude and smile to every class. She works hard to make sure to do her best and brings out the best in others.

Seventh-grader Elizabeth Snelling?s certificate states she ?takes her learning very seriously. Her work is always very thorough and well done. She is a kind young woman who is always very conscious of others? feelings. Elizabeth has a remarkable ability to block out distractions and focus in on the task at hand.?

Eighth-grader Mia Koppen?s certificate states the ?quiet, unassuming young lady, Mia leads by her example. Prepared, she always has assignments ready. Respectful, she treats people with honor and dignity. Integrity ? she knows what?s right and sets a good example ? always. Dependably, she can be relied on by her friends and by her teachers.?

Eighth-grader Jackson Nelson?s certificate states he ?works hard in class and makes sure to get his work done on time. He shows respect to his teachers and takes time out of his class period to help others understand the problems that are being worked on. He volunteers in class to answer questions and makes sure to explain what is going on if anyone is confused. Jackson comes to class prepared and comes with an attitude to learn.?