Meters that signal many times not helpful

To the editor:

Your article on the smart meter debate was interesting, for this question touches on the origins of our country.

The phrase comes up ?at what price progress? and if we exchange the word meterization for taxation, and say the problem is ?meterization without representation.? The prior event sparked the most significant revolution in history.

Many founders of our republic sprang from people who left home to escape the financial tyranny of King George. It was a vast shift of awareness to found a country where the rights of the people come first.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the people had not been a driving force with English and European royalty until, in the year 1215, English nobles forced King John to guarantee certain protections.

The Magna Carta sowed seeds of liberty that germinated in the new fertile world that was nourished by native people for 10,000 years. The native people had lived on a world protected by the laws of nature and their lives revolve around honoring and nourishing natural laws.

Natural law fosters evolution and optimum growth for every creature and the planet as a whole meaning earth, air, fire, water and subtle-energy. Creating an imbalance within the structure of nature was a ?cardinal sin,? but the European concept of sin was hard for them to fathom.

Iowa is a native name as are many towns and rivers here.

The U.S. Constitution guaranteed choices of the people for their own self-determination and at first these rights reflected the native traditions. Corn was a sacred staple but what they had has been almost obliterated.

The airways are also a sacred and regular blasts of radio frequencies are very unnatural, and radiation is a standard means of destroying cells when treating cancer, and yet even the good cells are damaged.

It could be said that Alliant Energy might be imposing restrictions on the choices of its customers in order to secure higher profits for Alliant.

Utility companies have always been steady growth stocks, and profits give those companies a freedom to innovate for more reliable service. Meters that send signals many times a day do not help the customer. They are unnecessary since meters before this were read once a month.

It?s a dangerous imposition on people just so Alliant can make more profit - this is retuning to a way of life that drove people from Europe.

In the Old World, if the king needed something, he levied taxes and the people had no say in the matter ? that was a way that drove people here. Freedom of self-determination is the most basic quest in human life. Many things in history which actually caused widespread destruction of life and happiness were first said to be ?safe for human consumption.?

After the damage was done, pressure was applied to change the rules.

We are an outsourcing nation for China?s food, but at a high cost - we outsource iPhones, which are clearer and higher profit.


- Steve Ulicny, Jefferson County