Multiple water main breaks on South Maple

A crew from Fairfield?s water department spent an entire day repairing a water main on South Maple, only to return to the area later that day to fix an unrelated main break.

Water superintendent Steve Redinger said the first main break occurred early Tuesday morning and forced water to be shut off along Adams Avenue from Glasgow Road to D Street, and along Maple Street from Adams to Madison. City staff burned the midnight oil and finished repairing the main at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

At 7 p.m. Wednesday, the city learned a nearby pipe was leaking, and water was shut off once again to customers along Maple Street and a few on Madison.

Redinger said some residents had no water, while others had water but with low pressure. An old line going north across Adams Avenue was the culprit this time.

?There is no relation between the two breaks,? Redinger said. ?The pipe is old. We?ve replaced quite a bit of old stuff, but you never know when something else is going to break. I?d have to guess the pipes that broke were put in at the same time since they?re both cast iron.?

Redinger said the city planned to have the second break fixed by Thursday evening.