MUM launches ?Legacy Giving? campaign; Navarrete speaks to Iowa Architects

MUM launches ?Legacy Giving? campaign

Bequests and other legacy gifts are a major source of university endowments nationwide, and now a new campaign is inviting Maharishi University of Management supporters and alumni to consider making such a gift, said Brad Mylett, vice president of development.

The campaign was first announced last summer at an event for donors before graduation, and in October, a mass mailing was sent to university supporters, a new legacy-giving website launched, and expert financial advisers are being made available.

Mylett says that the wide range of options for legacy giving include gifts while one is living that confer a tax advantage. For example, a supporter can donate a home, take advantage of a substantial tax break, yet continue to live in the house.

Other gift options include a bequest or a charitable trust, or naming M.U.M. as a beneficiary on life insurance, an annuity, or IRA.

The goal of the campaign is to increase the endowment, which is used to assure financial stability to creditors and to provide interest income to support operating expenses or special projects.

?Nothing could be more dear to our supporters than having Maharishi?s knowledge continue for generations to come,? Mylett said. ?They?re eager to ensure that M.U.M. remains a lighthouse of knowledge for America and the world. And they want to ensure that in the future those who appreciate Consciousness-Based education will have a haven in which to study, as well as a center for Super Radiance to provide support for the whole world.?

He said people need not be wealthy to make a legacy gift ? that the majority of gifts are from those with a middle income.

?It all adds up,? he said.

Gifts could range from a coin collection to a vacation cottage, land, or stocks.

Extensive information is available at, including videos and calculators. In addition, those wishing to speak with an expert financial adviser can set up an appointment by calling 472-1180 or emailing

Printed with permission from The Review, Maharishi University of Management?s electronic newsletter.

Navarrete speaks to Iowa Architects

David Navarrete, director of research initiatives and content development at Sky Factory, recently spoke at the American Institute of Architects Iowa Convention.

Navarrete, a Maharishi University alumnus, presented a continuing education course for architects and interior designers, based on a new paper he co-authored with company founder Bill Witherspoon titled ?The Restorative Impact of Perceived Open Space.?

The paper explores the power of photo-realistic images of nature to alter people?s perception and experience of interior space. Sky Factory manufactures and sells ceiling and wall panels that give the illusion of viewing the sky or nature scenes through a skylight or window.

In their paper, the authors use neuroscience and principles of environmental design to explore how these ?multisensory illusions? give the experience of peace and balance that come from the authentic experience of the depths of nature.

Navarrete also recently presented the paper at the Planetree Conference in Baltimore. Planetree is a leading nonprofit organization that partners with health care organizations around the world to educate medical professionals and enhance the experience of patients.

He has also contributed scholarly articles to Human Spaces, a global forum on biophilic design topics, and also will be featured as a guest contributor in Conscious Cities Journal, which covers the new field of research and practice that focuses on people-centric environments that are aware and responsive.

Printed with permission from The Review, Maharishi University of Management?s electronic newsletter.