Nation becoming less God-fearing

To the editor:

Oftentimes when evil occurs in this nation, the first question asked is, ?Where is God??

The sad answer is, he was banned from public education in this nation over five decades ago and the same book that this nation?s presidents place their hand on when receiving the oath of office has not been allowed in this nation?s public schools, colleges and universities for four generations.

Now, 21st century America is witnessing the results of what happens when ?providence? is evicted from the classrooms of this nation. The forces of spiritual light and the darkness of evil are at war and the conflict and consequences of such are raging all around us.

This is what is fueling the fires of school choice and alternative education in this community, this state and this nation. Without God and Biblical truth, who determines right from wrong and good from evil?

The sad answer is, evil comes from the depths of something neither well intended or benevolent and will not spare any means to achieve its agenda. ?National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing a new world order.? (Adolf Hitler)

The 21st century socialistic interpretation of ?the separation of church and state? in this nation is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on a free people and the hatred and liars against Jesus Christ and Biblical truth carriers over into the decisions of too many of those who determine the curriculum for our public schools, colleges and universities.

All over this nation, children are being indoctrinated with reverence to the earth, the environment, the animals and all sexual orientations. Many now believe that the foundations of this nation are old fashioned, meaningless and that the American way, Christian beliefs and all chapters of American History are tainted with oppression, racism and sexism.

It is hard to overcome the hours of worldly philosophy and hours of politically correct saturation being taught in this nation. Now, many of this nation?s students are adults, in leadership positions (elected or unelected), making decisions for this nation with no concept of right from wrong, good from evil, whose overall grade in spirituality and morality would be an F on a report card. (Failure)

As American education has become more hedonistic and less God-fearing, much of what goes by the name of Christianity in this nation has followed right along with it. Therefore, when we question the school houses in this nation, we must also ask the church houses in this nation, ?Have you been consistent in teaching Biblical truth??

The sad answer is, too many have been silent, apathetic and complacent for too long, allowing those who oppose Jesus to have a free reign. Jesus issued a warning to lukewarm churches in Revelations 3:15,16.

The question is, do we continue to educate according to the standards of a deteriorating world or do we educate according to God?s standards?

The answer is, we have a choice and attitudes and actions reveal whose side that we are on in the conflict between good and evil. Jesus warned in Luke 11:23, ?He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.?


? James Lee Elliott, Fairfield