No hunting in Whitham Woods

The first shotgun season for deer begins Saturday and runs through Wednesday, and the second is from Dec. 9-17.

Jefferson County Conservation Board director Dennis Lewiston wants to remind hunters not to venture into Whitham Woods, which is closed to public hunting. He said he received a few complaints last year about people hunting deer out there.

Whitham Woods lies on the west edge of town. The Fairfield Loop Trail runs through it.

Instead, Lewiston recommends that hunters set up shop in one of many available hunting grounds in the county, such as:

? Cedar Creek Timber and Wetland, on Libertyville Road;

? Livingston Timber, on Orange Boulevard between Fairfield and Pleasant Plain;

? Mac Coon Access, 5.5 miles north of Lockridge;

? Turkey Run Wildlife Area, near Birmingham; and

?Gantz-Hewett Timber, 5 miles south of Packwood.