No substitute for analog meter

To the editor:

I would like to explain to everybody why the digital meter now offered by Alliant as an ?opt out? option is not a viable alternative to the smart meter.

Also, I?ll explain why you?ll still want to keep your zero-radiation, zero-surveillance capacity, and zero-utility-bill-increasing analog meter.

The low radiation digital meter which Alliant is offering for the opt out sounds like it should be better than a smart meter, but it is not much of an improvement because it creates dirty electricity (high frequency voltage transients), which causes:

? Cancer

? Multiple Sclerosis

? Elevated blood sugar

? Obesity

? Migraine headaches

? Attention deficit disorders

? Asthma

? Chronic fatigue syndrome

? Multiple chemical sensitivities

? Miscarriages

? Infertility

? Depression and suicide

Please Google the American Academy for Environmental Medicine, or any of the research on the damaging effects of dirty electricity, and you will clearly see the negative effects of dirty electricity on health, and how it works.

Your analog meter does not cause any of this. Zero. For more on the effects of smart meters, visit Robert Palma?s blog at http://www.rfreduce.com/robertsblog/smart-meters.

You want to keep your analog forever, even if it is old; you want to keep your analog meter until it is broken, (that is the ?green? low waste thing to do). When your analog finally breaks, which can take 30, 40 or 50 years in some cases, it can be replaced with a new zero-radiation, zero-surveillance, zero-health damaging analog (and you will need to state that no ?extra wires? are added to your new analog).

If you have already gotten a digital, you want to have Alliant replace it with an analog. Analogs are also available for purchase on the internet.


More on dirty electricity

Electricity is a smooth 60 Hz sine wave. The digital meter adds high frequency energy (dirty electricity) in to your electrical system in your house, and causes that 60 Hz sine wave to become chaotic. This dirty electricity causes electric and magnetic fields to be in your living space and it thereby induces voltages and currents into your body, damaging DNA, blood cells, and tissue, as well as your ability to think clearly.

I personally believe that our world has so many avoidable environmental health challenging influences now, I don?t like to add to that if I can avoid it. This is why I am a big fan of keeping the analog, and hopefully my neighbors will, too, because the radiation of a smart meter from a neighbor can get in to your house as well.

Thank you for listening.