None more qualified than Ed Malloy

To the editor:

We are fortunate that Ed Malloy is a candidate to be our state senator in the upcoming Democratic primary election on June 5. Ed has 25 years of experience working on the city council and as mayor. He is intimately familiar with the issues and politics of how to further our interests at the state capital.

Ed has worked closely with many state agencies to support our community and all of southeast Iowa. He is a true leader who has impeccable integrity, clear vision, and a genuine desire to serve all of the people of our district.

A compassionate and open-minded listener, Ed cares deeply about each resident in our district and represents a diversity of backgrounds and views, including farmers, factory workers, and business owners. He deeply understands and will work to address the important issues facing our state such as water quality, budget constraints, economic progress, education, mental health care, and the needs of our seniors. A champion for public education, affordable health care, and families, and he will be our champion in Des Moines.

Under Ed?s leadership we have seen remarkable results as a community working together to achieve economic progress. We have a new library, new recreational center, new civic center, increased population, outstanding police and fire departments, and progressive education.

We have been recognized statewide and nationally for good health, sustainable energy, and quality of life. Ed has worked tirelessly over many years, outside of his full-time employment, to serve the community and achieve these results.

Although Mary Stewart is a fine individual, she has never held public office and has no political experience. Ed Malloy has the knowledge, skills, experience, and leadership ability that can best represent us. We could not find a more qualified candidate. Let your voice be heard in this important election.


? Fred Swartz, Fairfield