Not done fighting for those at risk

To the editor:

I currently live in Marshalltown, Iowa, though for 20-plus years, had a small acreage in Melbourne, Iowa. And I?d be lying if I said that the building of a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) 1.5 miles from my dream home was not a factor in leaving. Because it was.

Our local group lost the battle to halt construction; our collective legacies deemed less important than that of a single local family and a behemoth, out of state corporation.

And I am writing to express concern about the recent application and matrix that were passed by your county board of supervisors, without a public hearing, whereby the constituents who *elected* them, and who they therefore supposedly represent, would have been given voice.

Persons who live near the proposed 7,497-head finishing hog confinement, to be located 2.5 miles west of the city of Pleasant Plain in Penn Township, will suffer ill effects, the extent to which depends on one?s interpretation of the value of properties, outdoor picnics, peace of mind, clotheslines, humane treatment of sentient beings, fresh breezes, the right to build their *own* family legacies, etc.

Those who have fought for the ethical treatment of neighbors (and the environment and animals), in our own corners of this once great state are not done fighting for those currently at risk and will be keenly interested in the outcome in Jefferson County.

Genuinely hoping that the well-documented concerns about the matrix score that were presented to your board of supervisors will yet result in a critical analysis and a public hearing and that soon, somewhere in this state, elected officials represent the majority of their constituents on a matter of such import.

But, I won?t hold my breath. Not more than I do already anyway.


? Nancy Adams, Marshalltown