Odds on NBA Finals

Cleveland is used to being the underdog. Their nickname is ?the mistake on the lake,? for heavens sake. In 2017, the Cavaliers were 2-1 dogs; 11/5 in 2016 and 9/4 in 2015. But this year, without Kyrie Irving by his side LeBron and company are even bigger long shots at 17/2 which is 8.5-1 for all you non-bettors. In fact, at 13/4, you can get better odds for a Warriors sweep than a Cavs series win.

With game one of the NBA Finals tonight at 8 p.m. central on ABC, here are some odds for those of you looking to make some side bets with your friends.


NBA Finals

Odds to Win Series:

Warriors: 2/17

Cavaliers: 17/2


This means that you would collect $2 for every $17 bet on the Warriors to win the series or $17 for every $2 bet on the Cavaliers.


Odds of a Cavs Sweep: 200/1

Odds of a Warriors Sweep: 13/4

Odds Series Goes 7 Games: 9/2



Kevin Durant: 7/4

Stephon Curry: 9/5

LeBron James: 9/1

FIELD: 23/5


Odds on LeBron

James records a triple double in every game: 2500/1

James scores 30+ points in every game: 9/1

James average more than 42 minutes per game: 2/5


First technical foul of the series

Draymond Green: 9/5

Kevin Durant: 5/1

LeBron James: 6/1

Tyronn Lue: 19/1

Steve Kerr: 24/1

FIELD: 3/1


Highest scoring games in the series

LeBron James: 6/5

Kevin Durant: 3/1

Steph Curry: 9/2

Klay Thompson: 9/1

FIELD: 100/1



James Highest Scoring Game: 42.5

James Lowest Scoring Game: 25.5


NBA Finals games played

-Kevin Love: 3.5

-Andre Iguodala: 1.5


Number of different Warriors players to score a point in the series: 11.5

Number of different Cavs players to score a point in the series: 10.5



Game 1 May 31 Cavs at Warriors

Game 2 June 3 Cavs at Warriors

Game 3 June 6 Warriors at Cavs

Game 4 June 8 Warriors at Cavs

Game 5 June 11 Cavs at Warriors

Game 6 June 14 Warriors at Cavs

Game 7 June 17 Cavs at Warriors