Our town is not pedestrian friendly

To the editor:

Last night, I took a walk to the reservoir in the unseasonably mild weather. I almost paid my life for it.

Once again, a motorist accelerated on a turn and almost hit me. A few weeks back, while walking my 5-year-old to school, a white BMW came to a screeching halt at the crosswalk in front of the school. I could have reached out and touched his hood.

A man once accelerated to shoot across a crosswalk so he could get there before we could delay him. I was with my children. I yelled for him to come back because I wanted to discuss a few things. He declined.

He was only brave inside his copper SUV. Hope to see him one day. For three straight years, a pedestrian?s life has been taken by a motorist here in Fairfield. We are on course to make it four. Moms drive by the school going about 45 mph while chit-chatting on their cells phones. Must be an important call because the safety of our children has such low priority.

Fairfield is not a walker friendly town. If you disagree, I invite you to take a stroll about town. I advise you to wear a helmet and full body armor. There is currently a law that prohibits drivers from texting. I guess they didn?t get the text message. Again, they must be very important texts because they take precedent over human lives...the lives of our children, the elderly, our friends.

There used to be a time when we looked out for each other. Nowadays, we look out for one thing and one thing only: ourselves!


? David Patterson, Fairfield