Packwood Trojans recognized in Healthy Living Club Challenge

Zachary Doud, a member of the Packwood Trojans 4-H Club in Jefferson County, was recognized at 4-H Healthy Living Day at the Iowa State Fair this summer for the club?s achievements in the 4-H Healthy Living Club Challenge.

The Packwood Trojans finished in the Top 10 out of over 120 clubs from across the state earning 3,050 miles, far exceeding the 1,400-mile route goal.

4-H clubs were challenged to Race Across Iowa in the 4-H Healthy Living Club Challenge. This challenge helped club members explore the areas of wellness by practicing healthy behavior changes during their monthly club meetings. Incorporating changes like ? offering water as the beverage, fruits/vegetables as a snack option, and having an organized physical activity ? earned the clubs miles so they could make their way across the route that passed through each of the 20 Iowa State University Extension and Outreach regions, totaling 1,400 miles.

Bonus challenges were offered to earn extra miles and allowed clubs the opportunity to explore other areas of wellness: social well-being (teambuilding), emotional well-being (brain and mental health) and community well-being (community outreach by engaging others in healthy living).

?These 4-H members have demonstrated outstanding learning in the area of healthy living. Increasing their awareness for making healthy choices as a youth will be a long-term benefit for a healthy future,? said Laura Liechty, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H Healthy Living specialist. ?4-H programming provides meaningful learning experiences, but it is how youth apply what they learn that has a lasting impact. The final bonus of the challenge focused on community well-being. It was rewarding to see how clubs shared their newfound wellness knowledge to help others in their community.?

?We are very proud of the personal accomplishments of Jefferson County 4-H participants in this statewide challenge and the educational learning experiences they gained,? said Rachel Wonderlich, youth coordinator at the ISU Extension and Outreach Jefferson County office.

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