Pair of Trojan seniors share cheer spotlight

The Fairfield cheer squad has a pair of pockets of sunshine at captain this year with seniors Abyni Garner and Delanie Vorhies sharing the duties this fall.

Garner admits that it?s scary to be a senior and have to figure out your future with college, but both are excited to have the knowledge that comes with experience and the platform to share that with the younger members of the team.

The cheer team has been working since school got out in June and practices daily for an hour or two, with Vorhies adding that the focus is to push themselves further for the sake of improving, more so than chasing a title.

The sport is dangerous with the number of injuries annually neck and neck with contact sports such as football and soccer.

?Two years ago, I fell twice in one game,? shared Garner, who added, ?Once on my back and the other time on my head and I had to go to the chiropractor to get straightened out.?

Vorhies hasn?t gone unscathed, non-chalantly pointing out her dislocated finger, as if it?s just a cost to be paid to have become a cheer boss.

As for the aesthetics of the activity, the girls spend at least an hour and a half doing hair and makeup, and getting burned is apparently a reality of the game.

?There?s lots of hairspray and brushing and curling,? explains Garner.

If you?re wondering their suggestion for best brand of hairspray, it?s quantity over quality, suggests Vorhies.

?Anything cheap! Also bobby pins and safety pins are key,? said the senior leader.


Trojan Pride

Garner realizes that the whole community celebrates the school and shares the pride, and for her that usually equates to showing up and cheering to show she cares.

Integrity is also important to Abyni who is looking at colleges in California, Colorado, New York and Iowa with her mom hoping she stays close and her dad rooting for some distance, according to her.

Vorhies takes it very seriously when she puts on her uniform and understands she represents the community and not just the school.

For college, Delanie is looking at Simpson in Indianola, while at the same time applying ?everywhere.?