Pedestrians share in blame, too

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter last week regarding drivers not giving pedestrians the right of way around the square. I will agree everything mentioned happens on a daily basis, but please do no put the fault solely on the drivers.

Many pedestrians around the square, and also at the streets north and east of the post office, do not have a concept of a crosswalk and will walk out in front of you from between cars to cross to their own car.

Also, another large problem I often see is the number of people who walk at night, on the wrong side of the street, in dark clothes. Many times, I have almost hit someone because I don?t see them, and I do NOT drive fast. If someone walking cares so little about their own safety, that?s too bad, but please do not involve me.

No matter how innocent I may be, I would never get an injury or death out of my mind or conscience.

We all need to use our heads, and be safe whether walking, driving, or riding a bicycle.


? Tiff Widmer, Fairfield