Pekin and Van Buren run at Albia Invitational

Pekin and Van Buren both ran at the Albia Invitational Monday night with the Panthers finishing second on the boys side and first on the girls, while the Warriors only submitted five runners between the two groups.



1st Albia 43

2nd Pekin 72

3rd Knoxville 80

4th Wayne 113

5th Centerville 125


Local finishers


1st Colten Glosser, Pekin 18:30

5th Brady Milikin, Pekin 19:14

6th Jonah Heckenberg, Van Buren 19:27

11th Tanner Conger, Pekin 20:14

16th Ian Peacock, Van Buren 21:07

25th Zach Wise, Pekin 22:03

36th Simeon Buie, Pekin 23:43

39th Chandler Stull, Pekin 24:09

44th Devin Fraise, Pekin 25:13

49th Colton Bishop, Pekin 26:13

66th Kaden Polluck, Pekin 30:39

70th Levi DeShane, Van Buren 35:44

71st Logan Orndoff, Van Buren 37:04



1st Pekin 35

2nd Knoxville 62

3rd Albia 109

4th Wayne 122


Local finishers


2nd Remi Duwa, Pekin 22:59

4th Lauren Derscheid, Pekin 24:37

8th Sara Eubanks, Pekin 25:30

10th Maddy Black, Pekin 25:40

11th Lilly Farris, Pekin 25:57

12th Mya Clark, Pekin 26:00

13th Emily Laumeyer, Pekin 26:02

19th Hunter Locke, Pekin 26:47

28th Kelly Meyers, Pekin 28:14

32nd Ayren Essary, Pekin 28:53

50th Shannon Seager, Pekin 36:33

54th Erin Tedrow, VanBuren 38:12

56th Tara Kielkopf, Pekin 39:57

57th Katie Jones, Pekin 40:21


?It was a very hot night and a long course,? said head coach Davis Eidahl, who added.

?Our girls showed they are improving and showed we can run in a pack and have good team depth. The boys, the top three are running strong and our other boys are improving each meet.

Many of our runners have never run cross country before, and they are beginning to understand the sport a lot better.?