Pekin boys dominate Trojan Relays, Fairfield third, Van Buren sixth

Fairfield boys? track and field hosted five schools Tuesday night for the Trojan Relays, including first place Pekin and sixth place Van Buren while the host team finished third.

Head Coach Brian Dunlap was encouraged by some of the underclassmen.

?I thought our young kids stepped up and ran well. Alex Forrest, Kevin Kretz, Payton Cline, Landon Kooiker and Drew Martin all had nice nights on the track.?

In the field, junior Tristin Waugh had a big night for the Trojans while setting a personal record in the discus with a toss of 137?4? to claim first place by nearly 10 feet over the competition.


Team standings

1st Pekin 171

2nd Davis County 104

3rd Fairfield 101

4th Oskaloosa 97

5th Keokuk 63

6th Van Buren 32


100 Meter Dash

1st Monico Requena Pekin 11.14

6th Canyon Decker Pekin 12.29

7th Tanner Mellot Fairfield 12.93

8th Caleb Johnson Van Buren 13.27


200 Meter Dash

1st Dayne Eckley Pekin 23.92

3rd Drew Martin Fairfield 25.33

4th Canyon Decker Pekin 25.54

6th Tayton Bartholomew Van Buren 25.72

7th Ty Hamberg Van Buren 25.92

9 Carter Ferrell Fairfield 26.20


400 Meter Dash

2nd Kevin Kretz Fairfield 56.47

5th Brayden Sobaski Pekin 57.32

6th Payton Cline Fairfield 57.52

8th Cole Earnest Pekin 58.59

9th Issac Caston Van Buren 59.23

11th Daniel Downey Van Buren 1:05.30


800 Meter Run

1st Brady Millikin Pekin 2:11.24

2nd Alex Forrest Fairfield 2:13.71

4th Dalton Rippey Fairfield 2:20.25

6th Tanner Conger Pekin 2:29.26

7th Andrew Fitzsimmons Van Buren 2:35.12

8th Alex Johnston Van Buren 3:22.06


1600 Meter Run

1st Brady Millikin Pekin 4:56.78

3rd Colten Glosser Pekin 5:04.25

4th Gannon Courtright Fairfield 5:10.95

5th Mark Diers Fairfield 5:13.38

8th Adam Smith Van Buren 5:30.36


3200 Meter Run

1st Colten Glosser Pekin 10:56.79

3rd Gannon Courtright Fairfield 11:07.74

5th Aiden Daugherty Fairfield 11:55.43

7th Alex Johnston Van Buren 16:28.24


110 Meter Hurdles

2nd Landon Kooiker Fairfield 16.45

3rd Jordan Hixon Pekin 17.36


400 Meter Hurdles

2nd Cole Earnest Pekin 1:07.09

3rd Austin DenneyVan Buren 1:07.56

4th Jordan Hixon Pekin 1:08.21

5th Ethan Waugh Fairfield 1:08.99


4x100 Meter Relay

1st Pekin 45.39 - Levin Long, Dayne Eckley, Kennan Winn, and Monico Requena

4th Fairfield 48.38 - Kosta Papazogolou, Landon Kooiker, Steeler Higdon and Hunter Drish

6th Van Buren 48.63 - Donny Roberts, Bryson Mineart, Caleb Stoltz, and JT Metcalf


4x200 Meter Relay

1st Pekin 1:34.10 - Levi Long, Dayne Eckley, Kennan Winn, and Monico Requena

3rd Fairfield 1:41.55 - Steeler Higdon, Ashton Lankford, Tyler Palmer, and Connor Ryan

4th Van Buren 1:42.31 - Ty Hamberg, Bryson Mineart, Caleb Stoltz and JT Metcalf


4x400 Meter Relay

1st Pekin 3:27.60

3rd Fairfield 3:49.08 - Payton Cline, Drew Martin, Alex Forrest and Kevin Kretz

6th Van Buren 4:06.47 - Issac Caston, Quentin Story, Andrew Fitzsimmons and Daniel Downey


4x800 Meter Relay

1st Pekin 8:12.93 - Sam Roth, Brady Millikin, Tanner Conger and Cameron Millikin

2nd Fairfield 9:05.57 - Alex Forrest, Mark Diers, Dalton Rippey and Kevin Kretz

4th Van Buren A 10:11.59 Andrew Fitzsimmons, Adam Smith, Issac Caston and Daniel Downey


800 Sprint Medley

1st Pekin 1:38.78 - Levi Long, Dayne Eckley, Monico Requena and Chandler Eckley

5th Van Buren 1:49.11 - Donny Roberts, Bryson Mineart, Caleb Stoltz, Quentin Story

DQ Fairfield - Kosta Papazogolou, Connor Ryan, Hunter Drish and Landon Kooiker


Distance Medley

1st Pekin 3:41.52 - Jordan Hixon, Kaden Baker, Sam Roth and Brady Millikin

3rd Fairfield 4:02.48 - Kosta Papazogolou, Connor Ryan, Drew Martin and Mark Diers

5th Van Buren 4:18.60 - Tayton Bartholomew, Caleb Stoltz, Quentin Story and Adam Smith


4x100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle

2nd Pekin 59.53 - Michael Jones, Devin Fraise, Quinn Ledger and Jordan Hixon

DQ Van Buren - Donny Roberts, Bryson Mineart, Austin Denney and Andrew Fitzsimmons


High Jump

2nd Kennan Winn Pekin 5-08.00

4th Caleb Johnson Van Buren 5-06.00

8th Brayden Sobaski Pekin 4-10.00


Long Jump

3rd Ashton Lankford Fairfield 18-04.00

5th Cole Earnest Pekin 18-01.50

6th Donny Roberts Van Buren 17-11.25

8th JT Metcalf Van Buren 17-01.00

Shot Put

1st Slater Williams Pekin 44-04.00

4th Steeler Higdon Fairfield 39-04.00

5th Hunter Rodibaugh VB 38-02.00

7th Skyler Juhl Pekin 35-11.00

8th Tristin Waugh Fairfield 35-10.00

10th Tayton Bartholomew Van Buren 35-05.00


Discus Throw

1st Tristin Waugh Fairfield 137-04

4th Tayton Bartholomew Van Buren 119-05

5th Slater Williams Pekin 117-07

6th Hunter Rodibaugh Van Buren 113-06

9th Steeler Higdon Fairfield 102-04

10th Logan Kealey Pekin 93-11