Police chief visits Maharishi School to speak on safety

In the last decade, school safety has become an increasingly relevant topic, and schools are going to great lengths to ensure students? safety in the event of an emergency; Maharishi School is no exception to that effort.

Recently, Maharishi School students have been working alongside faculty and staff to improve school safety and security. The students are a critical part of the school safety process because they are critical players who are likely to be the ones to report any suspicious and unsafe behavior.

In an effort to support and improve communication with local law enforcement, Fairfield Police Chief David Thomas recently visited Maharishi School. Thomas shared the department?s initiatives to improve the community?s relationship with law enforcement, school safety, and public safety. He opened the conversation up to allow students to ask questions and participate in the conversation.

One student asked ?What defines ?threatening a school??? Thomas responded by outlining a zero-tolerance policy that includes investigation and threat assessment.

Thomas also spoke about the training he and the local law enforcement provide to school staff members. One student asked for more information on that training. Thomas answered by explaining some training and resources they provide to school staff, task force assembly, and preparedness in the event of an emergency.

Thomas said in the event of an emergency, ?We?re coming, and it?s going to be over quickly.? He elaborated that students would have to stay in their designated safe places for a while, but a threat would be dealt with swiftly.

To make sure both students and staff had an accurate perspective on the likeliness of a school shooter situation or other school threat, Thomas compared these events to the danger of driving to and from school. He said he worried more about his daughter driving than he ever did about a school shooter. That comparison was helpful because it addressed the nervousness around school emergencies.

Maharishi School headmaster Richard Beall followed up with addressing some of the students? concerns about school safety. Previously, students had organized themselves to outline some of their concerns and present them to Beall. Beall took time to acknowledge those concerns and speak to the improvements and headway being made on the students? request.