Power goes out Saturday morning

Many Fairfield residents experienced a power outage lasting three hours Saturday morning.

Power went out on the east side of town at about 9:15 a.m. and came back at about noon. The outage affected just under 1,200 people, according to Alliant Energy spokesman Justin Foss.

Foss said the outage was caused by a tree falling on a power line, and that it took Alliant crews awhile to find the downed tree. He said it likely fell down from the storm that swept through that morning.

?Sometimes it?s not the strength of the wind but rather the strength of the tree. It might not take much wind to push it over,? he said.

Fairfield has experienced a number of power outages in the last few weeks, most lasting for only a few minutes. Foss said power outages tend to increase in spring because of more storms, trees growing leaves which act as sails to catch the wind, and more activity from animals like squirrels and raccoons that can damage power lines.