Problems with yard waste pick-up

To the editor:

I address this letter to the people of Fairfield facing the ridiculous prices to have their yard waste removed by Waste Management.

In the past, we bought paper bags costing $1.25 each, we put them on the curb the day of garbage pickup, and in theory, it was to be picked up separately and removed.

Now we are expected to buy our own paper bags and, in addition, a sticker costing $2.50 to place on each bag of yard waste; and again with the pretense that these bags will be picked up and handled differently.

Well, guess what? That has not always happened in the past and it isn?t happening now. A couple of weeks ago, our neighbor put out two 30-gallon garbage cans (which he is allowed each week). They were out of town on garbage day and asked us to take out and retrieve their two garbage cans. The one containing garbage was picked up, but the one containing yard waste (weeds, etc.) was left with a standardized form marked that they needed a green tag. With questions he approached city hall and came home with a paper bag and the ?green tag.?

This week, he took the yard waste from the garbage can, put it in the purchased paper bag, added the ?green tag,? and set it out on the curb away from his garbage cans as directed.

Guess what? The truck driver came by, dumped his two garbage cans into the truck and went over and picked up his yard waste bag (clearly marked with the green tag and set away from the garbage cans) and put it in with the regular garbage that had just been emptied.

My question: Why did he have to drag the can with yard waste back in, transfer the stuff to a bag with the $2.50 sticker, drag it back out to the curb only to have it put in with the regular garbage? Why are the property owners in this town paying $2.50 to have a bag of yard waste handled separately when in fact it is being thrown in with the regular garbage?

If we are allowed two cans or two bags, what difference does it make if it ends up in the same place?

I had complained to city hall several times in the past about this happening and was told Waste Management was picking up the yard waste gratis and had to start charging more because of the cost. Well, they are charging this ridiculous amount and yard waste is still going in the regular garbage. Are we being ripped off?


- Sharon Brown, Fairfield