Questions about Ed Malloy at statehouse

To the editor:

After having read some of the glowing comments adorning Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy, I feel compelled to question just what a figure Mr. Malloy would project as a state senator. A few of the questions I have follow:

Would he let the grass grow to 10 inches in height at the statehouse before requiring it be mowed?

Would he permit dead trees to protrude dangerously over the grounds and sidewalks?

Would he take decades to fix problems with the sewer system?

Would he neglect serious potholes in the streets?

Would he permit citizens or other state employees to plant gardens and trees that crowd sidewalks and protrude over curbs?

Would he neglect those aforementioned sidewalks with uneven sawlines and missing pieces?

My questions could go further, I know. But, perhaps I should be hoping that he wins the senate seat in hopes that Fairfield could see a new beginning and accommodate the ?common folks? who have been here much longer than he has. I have mixed emotions about that also, for fear of who may be being groomed to be his pick to replace him.


? Jack Eddy, Fairfield