Reflections on #MeToo

To the editor:

The ?Me Too? era of our nation?s cultural history is a good thing all in all. It reminds all of us that with the growth of awareness, and as the truth is revealed, about all the ways women have been abused, harassed, and assaulted in our history, we need to be more sensitive and understanding. Not just to the victims of abuse but to the women we see everyday, work with, live with and communicate with every day.

The truth is that virtually every female has been subjected to some form of harassment at some point in their lives; sexual and otherwise. To see the truth and finally be told about it is in some ways a relief to these women. But it is also a reminder, sometimes a painful reminder, of their own experiences with abuse and harassment. We must be sensitive at this time as more of the truth is revealed. We must also be careful not to rush to judgement. Unfortunately, this situation can be exploited by some who seek revenge, who are vindictive and hostile, but also hope to benefit financially or in some other way in this charged environment.

We must be patient. Let the facts emerge and know that the truth will come out eventually. But in the meantime, the benefit of the doubt must go to the women who have faced abuse, harassment, and assault for so long, and have suffered privately.

While it seems unfair to categorize abuse, I think we can all agree that abuse of children is the most egregious example. And that many of the women who need our sensitivity and understanding were victims of abuse at an early age. The time when abuse is most destructive and difficult to understand. The betrayal of trust ? and the memory of it ? can be the most damaging experience and the most difficult to recover from.

While it may seem that life as we know it is worse than ever in this 21st century, we must remember that the darkest hour is just before the dawn. When the light of truth can be seen on the horizon, the darkness ? however slowly ? will someday disappear.


? Jim Turner, Fairfield