Results of kids' straw poll

DES MOINES ? Thousands of elementary, middle school and high school students across Iowa participated in Secretary of State Paul Pate?s 2017 Iowa Youth Straw Poll on Wednesday.

The Straw Poll is an exercise designed to inspire civic engagement among Iowa?s youth and give them a feel for how the electoral process works.

?I want to thank all the teachers, principals, and administrators who helped organize the event at their schools. This was a terrific, hands-on learning experience for thousands of Iowa students,? Pate said. ?The goal is to make the experience enjoyable and hopefully propel them to be active in their community and be a consistent voter for the rest of their lives.?

Here are the results of the straw poll, with the top three finishers in each category:


Should your city/town allow the sales and use of fireworks?

Yes - 76 percent

No - 13 percent


What is your favorite school subject?

Math - 26 percent

Science ? 19 percent

Social studies ? 18 percent


What is your favorite state university in Iowa?

Iowa ? 49 percent

Iowa State ? 34 percent

Northern Iowa ? 9 percent


Who is your favorite superhero?

Batman - 15 percent

Wonder Woman ? 12 percent

Spiderman ? 12 percent