School board election brings painful choices

To the editor:

As a community, we are fortunate that so many extraordinary individuals are running in the school board election. I?ve been avidly reading The Ledger?s interviews with the candidates, and I?m quite impressed with most of them. Initially, one of the candidates didn?t seem as qualified as some of the others, but when I read his interview, I was so impressed with his wisdom and intelligence and ability to express himself that I was ready to vote for him as president of the U.S.

This slate of outstanding individuals means that some highly qualified people won?t be elected. I?m finding it to be a very difficult decision, and it pains me that I can?t vote for more than four. I want to say to those candidates who don?t get elected that you shouldn?t infer that you are somehow less qualified or less deserving. And I invite you to consider running for some office in the future. The community needs you.

I had the same feeling in the most recent election for county supervisor. We as a community are fortunate that so many people are stepping forward and hoping to serve.

It?s a sign of vitality. I thank you for your courage to run and your enthusiasm to contribute. And if you aren?t elected, I look forward to voting for you in the future.


? Jim Karpen, Fairfield