Senior Stetson Spees has big night for Trojans with two pins

After watching the Fairfield wrestling team go 2-0 Thursday evening at FHS against Keokuk and Van Buren, it was obvious that the wrestler to speak with was Trojan senior Stetson Spees. After discussing the night?s matches with Fairfield Head Coach Steve Miller, he had a lot of positives to share about the 132 pounder who he said, ?has been very coachable and he?s really starting to take it from the practice room and translate his work to his matches.? Coach Miller continued, ?It?s really paying off for him doing the little things right and he got two big wins and just completely dominated tonight because he?s so technically sound.?

The two pins improved Spees record to 4-5 and with the second half of the season ahead of him, he?s confident.

?I was feeling pretty good and the coaches just say to go hard, go hard and you?ll come out on top and I just went all out and used the moves I?ve been practicing and came out on top.?


Q) Are you working on your strategy or do you study your upcoming opponents?

A) It doesn?t matter who I?m wrestling, you know, it?s just a name. You can beat anybody if you just outwork them.


Q) What is it you?re doing that?s cultivating this success?

A) I think it?s just mental mindset and practicing, practicing, practicing your moves. That way you?re just used to using them and don?t even have to think about it when you?re on the mat.


Q) Take us to a point in your first match and tell us what you were thinking.

A) When I was on top I was thinking, ?How am I going to get the pin and the six points,? and I was just going through all of the moves to try to get his arms out and turn him to his back.


Q) How about the second match?

A) I knew that I had to keep him down and stay on top if I was going to pin him because he was pretty strong when we were in nuetral. Hold him down and pin him.


Q) How do you feel your season is going?

A) I just need to keep working hard and keep winning.


Q) Is that work needed in the weight room, conditioning, on technique?

A) A mix of all of that, I have to work hard in practice, condition hard, work on technique and then retain it all when you get on the mat.


Q) If wrestling is your best ability, what?s your second best talent?

A) I show cows. I have calves for this upcoming county fair and the state fair and lots of little shows coming up.


Q) Are you better at wrestling or cows?

A) Probably wrestling.


Q) Do you have a favorite cow?

A) Yeah, whichever one looks coolest.