Seniors turn in their jerseys, reflect

Six recent graduates from Fairfield High also played on the Trojans 30-9 baseball team that lost one game shy of the state tournament in Des Moines last week. The sextuplets sat down to reflect after turning in their jersey?s on Friday.


James Lyman

Favorite moment from this season?

Winning the conference championship back after losing it last season. That was one of our goals.


What will stick out from your high school career?

Just being a good teammate and leader. That means the world to me.


Graham Kuehl

What stuck out to you from this season?

Getting 30 wins was great and winning the conference again, but getting back to substate and losing isn?t fun.


What moments will you remember from your career?

Three conference and district championships and a lot of wins which was fun.


Are you the same type of player as you were four years ago?

For the most part, yeah, I?d say so. I?m a competitor who goes out there, loves to win and expects to be perfect.


Jimmy Kurka

Reflect on this season for us.

It was a good season and I had a lot of fun.


What?s the highlight of your career?

Probably hitting the homerun at Knoxville. That was my favorite time. I don?t even remember it, there was just a lot of adrenaline.


Hunter Hoskins

Breakdown the season for us.

Getting the conference championship back along with 30 wins was huge for us. Making it back to substate was also a major goal of ours and other than not making it to state, we had a pretty successful season.


Do you think there was some character-building silver lining to losing the way you did three years in a row?

It?s always a good life lesson to come up short and realize not everything goes your way. It motivates you to work harder.


What?s the moment that sticks out over your career?

Being part of two SEC championship teams and making it to substate all three years. Being at Fairfield, we are kind of looked at as a winning standard and it?s been fun to maintain that the last few years.


Hunter Drish

Reflect on the season.

As a first year starter, it was pretty awesome to have 30 wins and a conference title and having to go to the Washington/Mt. Pleasant game to watch to see if we won.


What?s your favorite career moment?

Last year against Mediapolis I hit two pretty hard balls into the same spot because they shifted. Our outfielder got hurt and I filled in but wasn?t expected to do a whole lot and that was huge for me because a lot of people starting thinking I could earn a spot this year.


Do you embrace being a Drish in Fairfield?

Yeah, I embrace it as much as I can, but I also try to play my own game and I?m not really the serious stoic type so I try to stay loose and have fun. You know, I?m the only Drish kid that hasn?t hit a homerun because Shay, Ashtyn and Cooper all have.


Are you going to try to sneak back into a Trojan jersey after college and hit your homer?

I would so do that and I think it would be hilarious.


Are you going to use your political science major to come back and be Mayor of Fairfield?

My thought process was I can?t just be a guy who sits on stair steps talking to people the way old philosophers do and I figured the closest thing was law and we?ll see what happens.


What will you miss most next fall?

The chemistry. The other teams in the conference may look like they have what we have, but I don?t think they?ve known each other as long as we have playing as the Cougars together since we were in second or third grade.


Cade Lisk

Thoughts on this season?

Pretty big getting the 30 wins which we haven?t done in a long time. It?s always good to make it back to substate and I think we all grew as a team this year. All those juniors that are going to be seniors are really good.


Descibe the pressure of pitching the substate final and throwing 111 pitches.

When I went out there I was thinking ?I?m not coming out of this game unless I have to? and the only reason I did was because of pitch count.

I play better when there is pressure, but I?ve always faced the first round opponent and this year I got the substate game.


What?s your normal routine?

Just make some eggs or something for breakfast and get outside in the heat and then get ready for batting practice and focus on our goals of winning.


Talk about being a two-way player.

I use to go to Iowa City and work on my hitting, but now I just focus on pitching.


Favorite moment of your career?

I had a couple walk offs over the last few years that I?ll always remember but winning as a team was my favorite thing.