Seventh grade ?A? team wins fourth straight

The Fairfield seventh grade girls? basketball ?A? team has won four consecutive after defeating SEC rival Washington 33-16 Tuesday night.

Stat lines were: Ashlyn Lisk eight points, three rebounds and two steals; Macy Rayburn seven points and rebounds; Maggie Rayburn five points, eight rebounds, and three blocks; Emersyn Manley four points, 11 rebounds, and two steals; Maddy Greiner four points, six rebounds, and three steals; Coty Engle two points, five rebounds and three steals; Morgan Amendt two points and one rebound; Brooke Miller one point and a rebound; Kiara Bickman two rebounds and a steal.


The ?B? ballers punished the Demons 18-2 in their contest.

Stat lines were: Emily German six points, four rebounds and four steals; Myah Twohill four points, rebounds and steals each; Kiara Bickman two points and three rebounds; Morgan Amendt two points, two rebounds and four steals; Dejanae Early two points and four rebounds; Keshaunna Ross two points, rebounds and steals each; Sydney Wells three rebounds; and Sara Kretz two rebounds.


The ?C? squad lost 12-6 in the final game.Stat lines were: Sara Kretz - four points and two rebounds; Keshaunna Ross two points, three rebounds, and three steals; Lacey Wilson three rebounds; Dejanae Early two rebounds; and Sydney Wells two rebounds.