Seventh grade girls basketball versus Mt. Pleasant and Fort Madison

The last two games for the Fairfield seventh grade girls have been up and down, with the ups and downs varying between the ?A?, ?B?, and ?C? squads.


Thursday the ?A? team lost to Mt. Pleasant 32-17 with the stats as follows: Maddie Greiner nine points, four rebounds and two steals; Emersyn Manley four points, two rebounds; Macy Rayburn two points, nine rebounds and two steals; Maggie Rayburn two points, six rebounds and one steal; Coty Engle three steals; and Morgan Amendt one steal.

Monday, the team fell hard again, losing 38-9 to Fort Madison with the following stat lines: Macy Rayburn four points, nine rebounds and one steal; Maddie Greiner two points, three rebounds; Brooke Miller two points; Coty Engle one point, seven rebounds; Ashlyn Lisk four rebounds; Maggie Rayburn three rebounds; Emerson Manley two rebounds; Morgan Amendt one rebound.


The ?B? team won both of its games with Mt. Pleasant and Fort Madison, beating the Panthers 18-4 Thursday and the Bloodhounds 22-6 Monday. Here?s the stat lines for each game.

Versus Mt. Pleasant: Kiara Bickman six points, five rebounds and three steals; Emily Gerleman four points, six steals and two rebounds; Sydney Wells four points, two rebounds, and one steal; Myah Twohill two points, three rebounds and three steals; Dejanae Early two points, two rebounds; Sara Kretz three rebounds, two steals; Emma Phillips two rebounds and one steal; Lacey Wilson two rebounds; Keshaunna Ross two rebounds; Morgan Amendt one rebound and one steal.

Versus Fort Madison: Kiara Bickman seven points, four rebounds and one steal; Emily German six points and two steals; Morgan Amendt three points and two steals; Myah Twohill two points, four rebounds and three steals; Lacey Wilson two points and three rebounds; Dejanae Early two points and 2 rebounds.


The ?C? team split their two one-half matchups, beating Mt. Pleasant 8-3, but falling to Fort Madison 10-6 in two quarters each.


Mt. Pleasant stat line: Sydney Wells four points, three rebounds and one steal; Keshaunna Ross two points, six rebounds and two steals; Emma Phillips two points and two steals; Lacey Wilson four rebounds; Kate Pettit one steal; Lilly Fiedler one steal.

Fort Madison stat line: Keshunna Ross two points and six rebounds; Sara Kretz two points and two rebounds; Stephanie Hook two points; Dejanae Early three rebounds; Emma phillips two rebounds and one steal; Lacey Wilson three rebounds.