Sex is a holy act for marriage

To the editor:

October is Respect Life Month. First of all, sex is a holy act for marriage. But today?s culture has it otherwise.

It?s a matter of reality, science and common sense as well as the moral, ethical and spiritual considerations.

The realities are many. Early age sexual activity and outside of marriage, multiple partners expose one to a pyramid of encounters that distort true bonding and relationship.

Consequences include the weakening of bonding, unexpected and unwanted pregnancy, or wanted pregnancy to insure someone to love and be loved by in some cases. A young girl?s body before maturity is particularly vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases which have been epidemic and are now returning drug resistant and even more rampant. Some have no or few symptoms as chlamydia which can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, scarred of the fallopian tubes and sterility. Gonorrhea in part causes blindness in the infant, syphilis undiagnosed causes permanent damage to brain and organs in both the mother and baby.

Current statistics show that 1 in 4 sexually active persons have sexually transmitted diseases and the numbers are exploding, in homosexuals as well.

Contraceptives are not reliable, ovulation can occur in 3 out of 10 menstrual cycles and compromise the immune system making the user even more vulnerable to STDs. Because they are steroidal, artificial hormones, particularly estrogen, long regarded by the World Health Organization as a class 1 carcinogen, cancer causing and dramatically increasing the risk of breast cancer. There are other serious problems such as life threatening blood clots. Condoms do not reliably prevent pregnancy or the transmission of STDs and must be used correctly and consistently.

The unwanted, unexpected conception of a child can bring heartache and desperation. Abortion especially in the first trimester (3 months) and first pregnancy is a most high risk for breast cancer because of the interruption of the natural breast development and high estrogen levels. There is usually serious physical and emotional injury and lifelong regret. Even in rape the trauma of abortion is far worse. The child that may result can bring immense consolation and joy out of the otherwise tragedy, perhaps adoption which gives the fulfillment of family to many desiring to adopt because of the inability to otherwise have a family.

God?s way is always the best way to bring ?on earth as in Heaven?. Saving sex for marriage and the one partner for life in marriage which is a sacrament, an?outward sign instituted by Christ? that gives grace and strength in the many challenges of life, as well as the support of family and society. Waiting until marriage builds character and goal setting for life. Boys, men must be responsible, respecting and cherishing, protecting the value of woman in their dignity and divinity.

Woman ?rocks the cradle of society? which begins ?on the lap of mother?. Motherhood is the greatest role, privilege, and fulfillment of womanhood. Children deserve the right to be born and have a mother and father. Fathers are so very important in the lives of their sons and daughters. There are so many problems when fathers are absent in the lives of their children and single parent families a sure cause of poverty. Children belong to all and are man?s greatest promise and resource for the future and their future generations.


? Mary LaFrancis, Fairfield