SHARE food orders due Friday

Orders are due no later than Friday for the SHARE Iowa Inc. food packages available in September.

Orders can be placed locally by calling the Sieda Community Action office at 472-6140 or Claudia Greenig at 472-3569.

Pickup will be at 8 a.m. Sept. 22 at the Fairfield Eagles Club.

Several different packages are available; participants can purchase one or more in any combination.

The $28 Best Value Package includes: 1-pound bacon; 1-pound chicken breast fillets; 1-pound turkey breakfast sausage; two 5-ounce chopped steaks; potatoes, cauliflower, lettuce, apples, pears and cantaloupe.

The $14.50 Grocery Package includes: potatoes, cauliflower, lettuce, apples, pears and cantaloupe.

The $14.50 Meat-Only Package includes: 1-pound bacon; 1-pound chicken breast fillets; 1-pound turkey breakfast sausage; two 5-ounce chopped steaks.

The $40 Meal Deal includes: 1-pound bacon; 1.25-pounds chopped steaks; 1-pound chicken breast fillets; 1-pound shredded taco chicken; 2-pounds roasted pulled chicken; 3-pounds beef tortellini; 1-pound turkey breakfast sausage; 2-pounds hash brown patties; 24-ounce pasta sauce; 15-ounces baked beans; 6-ounces mashed potatoes; 8-ounces red beans and rice mix; 6-ounce chicken stuffing mix; 15-ounces peaches; 15-ounces green beans; potatoes, carrots and pears. A free 36-ounce bag of soft, gourmet twisted pretzels also is included. The box has enough food to make seven family meals; meal ideas are included in the box.

The $22.50 Lunch Break Special includes: two 5-ounce cans of chunk white chicken; 9-ounces honey ham; 16-ounces American cheese singles; 15-ounces beef ravioli; 15-ounces macaroni and beef; 15-ounces spaghetti with meat; 12-ounces creamy peanut butter; 19-ounces squeezable fruit spread; snack-size raisins; four 4-ounce cups applesauce; four 4-ounce mixed fruit cups; four strawberry nutrition bars; four cocoa-cherry nutrition bars; four 4-ounce fruit punch; four 4-ounce apple juice.

The $36 Bacon Box includes: 10 1-pound packages of Jimmy Dean premium hickory-smoked bacon.

The $24 Chicken Breast Special includes two 5-pound bags of ice glazed chicken breasts.

Participants who order one of the main food packages also have the option to order ?choice? and ?bonus? items.

The choice items for September are:

? A $15 4-pound Black Forest boneless ham.

? A $16.50 Chicken Wings Box with a 5-pound bag of fully cooked, oven-roasted chicken wings.

? A $12 Delightful Desserts Box with an 8-inch, 22-ounce berry pie and 48-count chocolate chip cookie dough.

? A $15.50 Shullsburg Cheese Pack, with 8-ounces each of Parmesan shaker, provolone slices, co-jack block, Colby block, shredded cheddar, shredded mozzarella.

The bonus items are:

? One pound of butter for $3.

? A 4-pound bag of boneless, barbecued turkey breast ready to cook for $8.

? A 20-ounce Italia Family pack of string cheese for $5.50.

Food packages are subject to changes.

SHARE Iowa Inc. is a nonprofit food buying group that offers good, nutritious products at a reduced cost through a volunteer-run, community-based distribution system.

Everyone is welcome to participate; there are no membership fees and no income guidelines. But because part of the focus of SHARE is to promote volunteer service, participants are encouraged to spend some time volunteering with an activity of their choice to help make their community a better place.

For information, call Greenig, the Sieda Community Action office or SHARE?s main office at 800-344-1107, email or visit the website