Smart meters cost more, last shorter than analog

To the editor:

Recently, over 450 Fairfield residents received a brochure from Alliant Energy explaining the ?smart? meters Alliant plans to install throughout Fairfield in early 2019. The residents had sent letters to Alliant stating they would not accept ?smart? meters (wireless microwave meters), and their intention to keep their analog meters (mechanical, non-wireless meters).

Alliant?s brochure headlined ?smart? meters as ?safe,? and that ?smart? meter radiation is similar to that of other wireless devices.

But the National Cancer Institute, the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization (WHO), and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have announced that sufficient research has shown that non-heating microwave radiation is potentially carcinogenic. On Dec. 14, the state of California released guidelines on how to reduce microwave radiation, based on many studies showing that microwave radiation can cause serious damage to human health, especially cancer.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey has stated on national TV that the smart grid [made of smart meters] is ?stupid, not smart,? because of its major global hacking potential.

Thousands of smart meters have exploded or caught fire (search for ?smart meter fires? and ?smart meter explosions.?)

Nor does Alliant mention the significant amounts of ?dirty electricity? that some experts expect digital meters to create, even if they are not wireless.

Many energy utility companies around the country are allowing their customers to keep their safe, longer-lasting, and less costly analog meters, but Alliant so far is not.

The main advantage to ?smart? meters Alliant states is just to let Alliant know about power outages. How often do outages take place? How soon are they called? Will Alliant lower its rates by the funds it saves by eliminating meter readers? jobs? Is that all there is to it? Alliant does not mention the $2.2 trillion data market for your personal information from smart meters as its potential profit center. It also does not mention that ?smart? meters have years? shorter life span than analog meters, and cost 2-3 times more - vastly multiplying the profit of the large corporation manufacturers working with Alliant.

Despite Alliant?s claims of ?modernization,? the above information reveals other possible unexpressed priorities on Alliant?s part. As the saying goes, ?follow the money. At great expense of personal liberty and rights upon which our country was founded, and significant risk to the health of your household - unless enough residents file a complaint with the Iowa Utility Board by going to this link:: https://iub.iowa.gov/complaint-form Filing Instructions: https://iub.iowa.gov/how-to-file-complaint.

And, send Alliant a certified letter refusing a ?smart? meter, and stating that you wish to keep your analog meter, as other utility companies all over the country have allowed their customers to do.

If, and only if, enough Fairfield residents file complaints with the Iowa Utility Board, then the Iowa Office of Consumer Advocacy can represent Fairfield residents in an IUB hearing. Please consider doing your own research and filing an IUB complaint asap.


- Einar and Mary Cathryn Olsen, Fairfield