Southeast Conference Wrestling honors announced

Team standings

1st Washington 4-0

2nd Mt. Pleasant 3-1

3rd Ft. Madison 2-2

4th Fairfied 1-3

5th Keokuk 0-4


Wrestler of the year:

Ft. Madison, Harlan Steffensmeier, Sr.


First team all-SEC

106 Mt. Pleasant, Corbin Broeker, So.

113 Mt. Pleasant, Brayden Ackles, Jr.

120 Washington, Walker Ikerd, Jr.

126 Ft. Madison, Ryan Steffensmeier, Sr.

132 Washington, Dillan Sanders, So.

138 Keokuk, Matt Wyatt, Sr.

145 Ft. Madison, Aaron Steffensmeier, Sr.

152 Ft. Madison, Harlan Steffensmeier, Sr.

160 Keokuk, Dylan Jeffers, So.

170 Washington, Tristin Westphal-Edward, Jr.

182 Washington, Collin Murphy, Sr.

195 Ft. Madison, Sam Hayes, Jr.

220 Mt. Pleasant, Dalton Bass, Sr.

285 Fairfield, Brendon Lunsford, Sr.


Second team all-SEC

106 Ft. Madison, Elton Kruse, Jr.

113 Fairfield, Jonah Cooper, So.

120 Ft. Madison, Dayne Cordray, Jr.

126 Mt. Pleasant, Tyler Raub, So.

132 Ft. Madison, Nathan Steffensmeier, So.

138 Washington, Garrett Ikerd, Jr.

145 Washington, David Hora, Jr.

152 Washington, Kiowa Keith, Sr.

160 Mt. Pleasant, Garrett Boecker, Sr.

170 Mt. Pleasant, James DeMeyer, Jr.

182 Mt. Pleasant, Brennen Bender, Fr.

195 Washington, Tanner Murphy, Sr.

220 Ft. Madison, Dannen Settles, So.

285 Washington, Mitchell Huisenga, Sr.


All-academic requirements are junior or senior with 3.25 cumulative or higher

Fairfield, Gannon Courtright, Sr., Wrestler

Fairfield, Cherie Anderson, Sr., Cheerleader

Fairfield, Madelyn Smith, Sr., Manager


Fort Madison, Austin Haas, Sr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Dalton Mabeus, Sr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Aaron Steffensmeier, Sr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Harlan Steffensmeier, Sr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Ryan Steffensmeier, Sr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Dayne Cordray, Jr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Elton Kruse, Jr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Sam Hayes, Jr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Gunther Johnson, Jr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Courtney Six, Jr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Martin Vineyard, Jr., Wrestler

Fort Madison, Teryn Parsons, Sr., Manager

Fort Madison, Kammy Booten, Sr., Cheerleader

Fort Madison, Marlee Klesner, Jr., Cheerleader

Fort Madison, Olivia Koechle, Jr., Cheerleader

Keokuk, Michael Glasscock, Sr., Wrestler

Keokuk, Jerry Glenn, Sr., Wrestler

Keokuk, Matt Wyatt, Sr., Wrestler

Keokuk, Daniela Lozano, Sr., Manager

Keokuk, Maddi Miller, Sr., Manager

Mt. Pleasant, Brayden Ackles, Jr., Wrestler

Mt. Pleasant, Zach Beason, Jr., Wrestler

Mt. Pleasant, Conner Coleman, Jr., Wrestler

Mt. Pleasant, Abe Wilson, Jr., Wrestler

Mt. Pleasant, Lyndi Vantiger, Jr., Manager

Mt. Pleasant, Morgan McGuire, Jr., Manager

Mt. Pleasant, Julia Pross, Sr., Cheerleader

Washington, David Hora, Jr., Wrestler

Washington, Garrett Ikerd, Jr., Wrestler

Washington, Brennan Murphy, Jr., Wrestler

Washington, Alexis Edwards, Jr., Cheerleader

Washington, Baylee Stalder, Jr., Cheerleader