Southeast Iowa Super Conference names all-conference teams; 12 local athletes, one coach honored

The Southeast Iowa Super Conference has released its all-conference girls? teams and 12 local players and one coach were named to the first, second, or honorable mention teams.

The north division had Alexia McClure and Maddie Cloke as honorable mentions for Cardinal, while Pekin had Head Coach Davis Eidahl was named ?Coach of the Year? and five of his Panther players were selected as well.

Senior Maci and junior Haley Gambell were first team selections. Junior Zoey Wright was named to the second team, and Whitney Johnson and Faith Oostra were honorable mentions.

The south division was full of Van Buren kids. Sophomore Taryn Scheuermann was voted ?co-player of the year? with MacKenzie Northup from Central Lee. Scheuermann was also a first team selection with teammates Madison Bartholomew and Isabel Manning. Chloe and Grace Davidson were also selected as honorable mentions, and Warriors head coach Matt Zietler spoke with The Ledger about his team?s abundant presence on the list.


Q) Talk about your sophomore Taryn Scheuermann being named south division co-player of the year.

Matt Zietler: She?s one of the best post players in 2A, if not the state. As you see at the state tournament, there aren?t many big posts up there, they?re all playing volleyball. Taryn does her thing, and she?s going to play division-1 basketball, but there?s some things we need to work on over the summer and make her that much better but she?s had a great start for just a sophomore.


Q) Is she already getting D-1 looks?

Zietler: She?s already recived an offer. Western Illinois offered her a full-ride.


Q) Is she still looking since she can?t decide anytime soon?

Zietler: Oh yeah. She can?t sign until she?s a junior, but Missouri is looking at her. Our team will be going down there in June to play in a tournament. Drake also has some interest in her and she?s been up there. She?s been to Missouri three times, but they haven?t committed on anything. I think they?ll see how the summer goes and how much more she develops and a few things she?s got to cure. She?s a good player and we would be tremendously lost without her. We have other good kids too, but she is a tough one to handle. I watch the announcers at the state tournament talk about teams trying to handle girls who are 6?0 or 6?1 and they don?t have a clue. Scheuermann is 6?4 and Sayer is almost 6?1 and we got her going finally at the end of the year. We have a lot to look forward to. 2A down here has Pekin who?s graduating just about everybody and even Fairfield will be lost without Buch and Drish.

Drish was a tremendous help to them and probably got them to the state tournament. They wouldn?t have made it without her.


Q) You had two other first-team selections in sophomore Madison Bartholomew and freshman Isabel Manning, talk about them.

Zietler: Bartholomew and Scheuermann were our co-MVPs at our banquet because if you have one out, they still have a problem. Madison doesn?t show up on the scoreboard as much, but she?s just as important as Taryn, she really is.

Isabel is going to be a great guard, probably one of the best down here when she?s done, but she?s not ready to play point guard. Maddie?s the point guard, she?s the leader and Isabel is the scorer. Bartholomew runs the team, calls the offenses and defenses and can adjust within the same set. You won?t find many kids that can do that.


Q) You have three first-team all-conference players that will get three years playing together. Talk about your once in a generation situation at Van Buren.

Zietler: Look at Grundy Center. Are they that great of team? They?re really athletic, but I don?t think they are that great of team. Versus Regina in the state tournament, they could do whatever they wanted to because they are lanky and long, but they aren?t a very good shot. They?re just all good athletes and they are all juniors playing in the state tournament. That?s what we need to look at.

We should make a pretty good run since basically our whole nucleas is back and we?ll be adding another 6?0 freshman that will play some. It?s a great deal to have those kids coming back. We wish we could have gotten there this year, but we were in a real tough bracket. Mediapolis is better than Regina and how they got beat by Danville, I don?t know. I think on the right day, we?re better than Mediapolis. There are 22 teams playing in the state tournament that we?ve played over the last two years. I?ve taken them all over the state to play these teams.


Q) Let?s not forget about the Davidson?s, Chloe and Grace were named SEISC south honorable mention.

Zietler: Because they are great defensive players. They just are. Everybody talks about offensive players and you can say, ?Those two kids don?t shoot very well,? but they don?t have to because we have enough kids that can score. We want Taryn, Maddie and Isabel shooting it and those two playing defense. That?s there job and I told them at our awards banquet, I don?t care how many points a game you score. If you give me four to six points a game, that?s bonus for us.

I want you to find their best kids on offense and I want you to cut them in half, and that?s what they do. They just don?t get many shots. They aren?t bad shooters, you just don?t get that many opportunities when the team is already shooting the ball 60 times a game. They all have to do their thing. Next year, Lexi Jirak is going to be in the mix, plus we have Bass back and Sayer. We?re still going to be nine deep and we have a lot to look forward to.

Basketball can?t start again quick enough. Actually volleyball is going to be good for us too, so watch out, because it?s the same kids.