Stewart never wavers in her beliefs

To the editor:

I would like to encourage you to vote for Mary Stewart in the upcoming Democratic primary election on Tuesday, June 5.

I?ve known Mary for over 30 years. Mary was born, raised, and educated in southern Iowa and she has never wavered in her beliefs. She believes in people. I have seen her determination when working with people in different capacities as an educator and community member. She never quits finding solutions to problems and is always extremely kind to all. She?s the ?real deal!?

It will be exciting to have someone at the statehouse who will be determined to accomplish positive legislation for this four-county area. Mary believes in supporting public education. This she understands from her many years of experience because of her work at Indian Hills Community College where she was a job training specialist and administrator. She understands how jobs and education go hand in hand, keeping a skilled labor force in this area.

Please vote for Mary Stewart on June 5.


? Dave McMillin, Ottumwa