Stewart will be refreshing change

To the editor:

For the last 36 years, we have farmed in Davis County. Like most Iowans, we realize how challenging and how vital agricultural issues are to us all, and how essential good schools are.

That?s why we are proud to support Mary Stewart for the Iowa Senate.

Mary has a deep respect for agriculture and education, two of Iowa?s greatest assets. She knows that when agriculture is strong, the rest of the state benefits as well.

She also has first-hand knowledge of the importance of a good education to our entire population.

Mary is also an excellent listener and problem solver. We know she will work to see that rural families are fairly and equally represented in the Senate.

If you?re tired of the general dishonesty among many career politicians, people who really don?t seem to care much about integrity or individuals, Mary Stewart will definitely be a refreshing, intelligent change.

She knows that every citizen in this district is important and worthy of her time and attention.

That?s why we want to encourage everyone to vote for Mary Stewart in the Democratic primary June 5 as well as the general election in November.


? Joye and Harold Lawson, Bloomfield