Students? behavior makes me proud

To the editor:

I just want to share some information that you often are not made aware of. As we wrap up the winter activities, our district has received multiple compliments from other districts and professionals about our students, staff and community.

These emails from other districts are very complimentary about various students? behaviors and fans when participating in all the activities that we have students involved in. Last night at the state tournament game, one of the security guards came my direction which made me nervous because he had just asked me to move my soda from the isle. However, for whatever reason, he wanted to inform me that our student body was one of the best that he had worked.

He said they listened, cheered appropriately and were respectful. I will tell you that this comes as no surprise to me because that?s just an expectation at FHS. I do want parents and community members to know that we have great people doing great things in our district which plays into these types of behaviors that represent you well.

As always, Go Trojans!


? Brian Stone, Fairfield High School Principal